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The man goes away and travels around the Ten Cities, telling people how much Jesus had done for him Tell others about your new faith in Jesus.

Letting God Guide Your Relationship: 7 Godly Dating Principles

You cannot be a secret Christian Mark Speak to your family, friends and course-mates. Tell them your story, about your quest and your journey, but emphasise how you came to understand the good news about Jesus.

Major not on yourself, but on all that Jesus has done for you. Jesus completely re-defined the concept of family.

Jesus promised those who had lost everything to follow him that they would receive much, much more because it is implied they belong to the Christian community Mark You belong to the global family of believers simply by trusting Jesus, but you show your family-membership by belonging to a local church. Find a church that believes the gospel, teaches the Bible, prays faithfully, and nurtures real community.

UCCF theologynetwork. However, our relationship with God has to be defined on His terms, because He has ownership of our past, present and future.


God is faithful to forgive a genuine heart, guide a willing servant and uphold the promises He makes to those who faithfully endure. God loves His children.

How to Have an Intimate Relationship With God

He cares for them and values the relationship they share with Him on a daily basis more than any other relationship in this world. So what does our relationship with God teach us about other, less divine acquaintances?

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Without any hesitation, our relationship with God should define how we perceive those who God brings into our lives. We should see the rest of the world as God does. The people we run across in every circumstance are also made in His image. They can also love Him, serve Him and live eternally with Him right alongside of us. When we realize that everyone else can connect to God in the same deeply meaningful way we do, it should be easy to find reasons to deeply connect with them. Our appreciation of their soul and its well-being should encourage a relationship that is significant, selfless and sacrificial.

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A relationship defined by mutual appreciation of the One who made us is a relationship that will endure. In those instances, it will be a relationship devoid of all the stuff that makes our world unbearable and the people we run across insufferable. When we realize He has time for each of us, patience for each of us and genuinely loves us the same, we should find time to reciprocate that love in return.

Understanding Your Relationship With God (Pastor Charles Lawson)

When we value people for who they are and not what they do for us, we begin to see them as God does. When that becomes our de facto way of thinking, our simple interactions will change and our deep connections will grow exponentially. When we know the people in our lives are meant to be loved, served and valued, we begin to see how God loves, serves and values us. Right now, God is actively seeking a relationship with you that is life changing.

He wants you to know Him because He knows you. Relationships define us.