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Remove from wishlist failed. Adding to library failed. Please try again. Free with day Trial. Listeners also enjoy. Eric Bogosian. With us it never does. It comes from not having a country of our own to run, and therefore, none of our theories is ever tested. We play at government the way children play at house.

I will forward my plan to the others after we have eaten. It is not known with certainty if the Turk intends to exterminate us or merely remove us for the duration of the war. Since governments are always mad and 47 impossible to understand, it will be best if we put aside our theories and try to control our fears so that we can make every attempt to survive. Everything changes with time, and for now time is our only ally. We know that the Turkish and German governments are our enemies, and we should also know that the espousals of friendship for our cause in the West are mere journalism, politics and sentimentality.

Only their missionaries can be trusted to offer real help.

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Remember this! We all know of the massacres that occurred there just six years ago. Everything depends on the humanity of the police and the native population. Right now we have certain material means, but because we have no rights, no court of appeal, everything can be taken away at any moment. Therefore, we must be cautious, clever, suspicious and careful of our every move. All escape routes have been sealed.

The road from home : the story of an Armenian girl, by David Kherdian

We will rest here another day or two before joining the other caravans. May the grace of God be with us. I was enjoying my new friends, and I dreaded going back on the road. Mama had kept busy with my brothers and Yeghisapet, but Papa spent more time with me than he ever had before. He told me stories about missionaries and orphanages, and how to tell Turks and Circassians and Lazes by their costumes: that the Turks who lived in cities wore fezes, the religious Moslems wore white turbans, and the peasants always wore baggy trousers.

The different tribes could be distinguished by the colors of the scarves they wore as belts. He also taught me to recognize the different uniforms of the soldiers. He said that all soldiers were cruel and not to be trusted, but that some were worse than others. Papa also said he would give me different lessons every day, and I was to repeat to myself everything he told me until I knew it by heart.

He said this would keep me busy and help keep my mind from wandering. We came to the place where the Armenians of Azizya and Afyon had gathered, and we stopped there and waited. The next morning we started out again. It seemed different somehow, and then I realized what it was: everything had gotten very quiet and serious again.


For some reason Harutiun started crying. Apkar was trying to calm him down.

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It was a secret bond between us, that aided us in helping Yeghsa and Harutiun. I am sure they are true, but they are only a part of the 50 picture. Bad news travels ahead of good news. I have done business with the Turks for years, and I believe I understand their temperament.

They cannot stay interested in anything for very long.

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I am sure the government means to exterminate us, but the Sublime Porte is in Europe, and we are in the heart of Asia, where the will of the government is difficult to enforce. I am trying to say that time is on our side. The deportations began in April, nearly five months ago. Uncle Apel tried to hush them. He reached into his pocket and took out a morsel of bread and put it in front of her mouth.

The Road from Home: A True Story of Courage, Survival, and Hope

After that we were silent for a long time. I was enjoying the scenery, which was always changing, and most of the time I could stand in the wagon and go from one side to the other to take in all the new things, especially the orchards, with their changing crops: pomegranates, figs, nectarines, apricots, peaches. I wished that we could stop and pick some fruit, but I knew it was futile even to ask.

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  6. The second morning I saw some animals I had never seen before. A little boy, no taller than Yeghsa, was darting in and 52 out between the camels, trying to keep them in a straight line. Is that not so, Benyat? Why were they so strange? They are the true inhabitants of the desert—creatures of sand and stars and silence. The desert has no need of man.

    It is nature contemplating itself, awaiting the decision of the stars. But this is desert enough for 53 now. I was glad she had spoken up because I was thirsty, too. Mama turned and looked at Yeghsa. She looked so sad and tired, and so very different from the way she looked when we lived in Azizya.

    I looked up at Grandpa, and we smiled at one another. That night we went to bed feeling thirsty and hungry, but no one complained. We were getting used to having less, and of course we knew we were very fortunate because we had a wagon and could ride, while many others had to walk. The 54 next morning we had biscuits and fruit, and in the evening we had the same thing, except that Mama put a little piece of cheese on our biscuits.

    That evening several people came to us asking for help, and Papa gave each of them some flat bread he had been able to buy in Konya. After it had grown dark, I heard Papa telling some of the men who had gathered around our fire that he had spotted a Yuruk village in the hills just before we stopped. Did you not see the cattle?

    When the first one fell, Uncle Haig jumped up and tried to call to one of the gendarmes. After we had rounded a bend and they were out of sight, one of the gendarmes rode back, and soon we heard the sound of rifle shots. I slept as much as I could, so as not to think about what was happening to us or what was going to happen.

    But before long the scenery began to change, and we soon came to a river that Papa said was called the Chait Su.

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    When Apkar looked up and saw the river, he began asking for water to drink. He was immediately joined by Yeghsa and Harutiun. I think we will be stopping there because beyond the white bridge are the Taurus Mountains.