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English - Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan. Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan A reading course and reference grammar. Textbook of Modern Colloquial Tibetan Conversation. Speak Tibetan like a Tibetan. A Tibetan English Dictionary.

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Tibetan-English Dictionary. Byangsi Grammar and Vocabulary. As usual I love your merchandise!!! You have a fine selection of books on Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. I am so very grateful for the many outstanding and interesting books you have on offer. Appreciate your interest in selling the Vedantic books, including some rare books. Thanks for your service. After you Pep nang Excuse me as if asking a question Ka-ti shu wa la Pardon me after bumping into someone Gong-ta 4.

Please Ku-chi Sorry after offending someone Tsik-pa ma sa 6. Thank you Tu-je-che 7. My Nge 2.

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Yours Kye-rang ki 3. His Ko ki 4. Hers Mo-ki 5.

Ours Nga tso 6. You all's Kye-rang tso 7. Their Ko tso Pronouns i. You Kye-rang 3. We Nga tso 5. You all Kye-rang tso 7. They Ko tso Titles l. Older men father Pa la 2. Older women mother Ah-ma la 3. Men brother Cho-cho la 4. Woman Sister Ah-cha la 5. Boy Pu la 6. Girl Pu mo la 7. Children Pu-ku Titles i. Companion Rok-pa 2. Friend boy Trok-po 3.

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Friend girl Trok-mo 4. Monk Tra-pa 5. Nun Ah-ni la 6. Relative pun-gya 7. Glasses Mik-shei 3. Keys Di-mik 4. Money Gor-mo 5. Passport Lak-kyer 6. Phone Ka-par 7. Wallet Ba-ku Personal Things i.

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Brush Pak-se 2. Comb Ta-she 3. Matches Tsak-dra 4. Phone number Ka-par ang trang 5. Shoulder bag Jo-la 6. Ticket Dzin sho 7.

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Watch Chu-tso Weather i. Hail Se-ra gyap 2. Humidity Lon-tsa 3. Ice Kyak-pa gyap 4. Rain Char-pa tang 5. Snow Kang tang 6.

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Storm Lung tsup gyap 7. Wind Hlak-pa gyap Parts of the Day l. Morning Sho-ke 2. Afternoon Nyin-kung gyap la 3. Evening Gong da 4. Today Te-ring 5. Yesterday Ka-sang 6. Tomorrow Sang nyin 7. Colors l. Blue Ngon-po 2. Red Mar-po 3. Green Jang-ku 4. Yellow Ser-po 5. Black Nak-po 6. White Kar-po 7. Brown Muk-po Textures i. Wet Lon-pa 2. Dry Kam-po 3. Smooth Jam-po 4. Rough Kyong-po 5. Hard Trak-po 6.

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Soft to the touch Sab sab 7.